Capturing the art in every life


Hi, I am Sherri

My journey as a professional photographer began when I was a young stay-at-home mom of two beautiful daughters. Having the influence of my grandfather and his passion for photography, my sister and I decided to take some courses. These were the early days of film and dark room. I remember spending countless hours in the dark room. I was hooked! In these early years when shooting, I always wanted to include a person. It became clear that the type of photography I enjoyed was portrait. It was through my lens that I felt a connection with people. I could capture happiness, joy and even sadness. Seeing the art of people when they didn’t know someone was photographing them.

I was invited by a group of photographers to be a part of a local model shoot because I sold more portraits than even my teachers. And some of my work was used in the teaching curriculum. I started studying and attending professional seminars offered by world renowned photographers, learning the tricks of the trade and experimenting with the techniques of raw digital photograph and enhancing them. Before I knew it I had friends and family asking for me to photograph them and this in turn had their friends asking and the "Art of Life Photography" was born. I have gone on to set up sessions for families, weddings, children, seniors, businesses and even professional catalogs and publications.